Enhancing Clinical Services through the Medical General Practice
Grants Program: Empowering Clinics for Elevated Patient Outcomes

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At EBOS Healthcare, we understand your continual pursuit to enhance patient care while maintaining affordability. We want to introduce an opportunity that aligns with your objectives.

The Australian Government has allocated $220 million for grants to strengthen General Practices and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHO) that meet the eligibility criteria in the forthcoming year. This special offer enables participating clinics to receive between $25,000 and $50,000. These funds can be utilised to experiment with innovative approaches, facilitate professional training, acquire equipment, or execute minor facility improvements.  

The $20,000 small business asset write-off should not be overlooked. This additional capital can be strategically used to expand your clinic and enhance patient health outcomes.

To apply for this grant, complete the form provided in the links below and submit it to your Primary Health Network (PHN) or National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) by the 15th of June.

For further details on this grant program, please refer to the resource links below. We encourage you to capitalise on this opportunity to continue your commendable work in patient care.

Download the Quick Reference Guide

Download the Grant Program Factsheet

Download the Grant Program Overview

Advancing Digital Health Capacities

Progressive digital transformation is essential to contemporary healthcare practices. By strengthening your digital health capabilities, healthcare professionals can deliver exceptional patient care. These enhancements facilitate efficient data exchange and communication, yielding comprehensive, real-time patient insights. Telemedicine capabilities can also be refined, enabling remote consultations and monitoring. This progressive approach aligns healthcare professionals with emerging industry standards, ensuring consistent and efficient delivery of healthcare services. Our suite of digital health solutions and electronic health record systems can substantially boost your healthcare facility's digital capabilities. We invite you to explore the suggested products below, meticulously curated to bolster your clinic's digital health capabilities. 

Suggested Products

Enhancing Infection Prevention and Control Mechanisms

Given the persistent threat of infectious respiratory diseases, healthcare professionals must uphold rigorous infection control practices. By enhancing infection prevention and control mechanisms, professionals can conduct safer face-to-face assessments, minimising the risk of disease transmission. This investment protects patients and practitioners, maintaining a secure and healthy environment. Our advanced personal protective equipment, air filtration systems, and sterilisation tools can support this enhancement. We encourage you to peruse the selected products below, designed to assist your team in safeguarding against potentially infectious diseases.

MESI Medical


ECG and Accessories

Spirometry and Respiration

Medical Lighting


Blood Pressure

Height Adjustable Couch

Diagnostic Sets

Resuscitation Equipment

Glucose Monitoring

Sensation testing

Pulse Oximetry

Scales & Measurement

Visual Acuity Charts


Achieving Accreditation with RACGP Standards for General Practice (5th Edition)

Accreditation against the RACGP Standards for General Practice symbolises the pinnacle of quality and safety in general practice. It fosters trust in patients and professionals and embodies a commitment to continual enhancement. Achieving this accreditation enables healthcare professionals to align their services with recognised industry best practices, ensuring reliable and superior patient care. Our suite of quality management and patient safety tools can assist in achieving and maintaining RACGP accreditation. The selected products specified below have been carefully curated to facilitate your clinic's commitment to quality and safety in general practice.


Sterilisation Accessories


Infection Control

Supplying innovative upgrades and advanced equipment to your clinic can significantly enhances patient services, especially by improving early diagnosis accuracy through technologies such as ABI. Introducing additional services and utilising advanced screening methods positions your practice at the vanguard of medical care, guaranteeing the delivery of cuting-edge patient care.

Future-proofing your practice involves conscientious investments aimed at enriching the patient experience. This could include introducing the latest technologies or securing backup solutions for critical equipment like ECGs. This foresight ensures uninterrupted healthcare delivery, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Acknowledging the financial challenges associated with these advancements, we have compiled a comprehensive list of government grants designed to support these enhancements in your practice. Our objective is to guide you towards the products that qualify for these grants and substantially improve your patients' health outcomes. This investment approach extends beyond mere grant criteria, aligning with the core mission of all healthcare professionals: superior patient care.

Our dedicated team of professionals is available if you need assistance determining suitable equipment or products for your healthcare practice. Reach out to us via your Key Account Manager or through customerservice@ebosgroup.com.au. Our team is well-prepared to recommend appropriate upgrades, create bespoke packages that align with your practice, and assist with quotations and equipment procurement.

Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and insight to guide you in selecting the tools that best match your specific needs and circumstances. Recognising the distinctiveness of each healthcare practice, we are commited to helping you identify the products and solutions that will best serve your requirements.