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HEINE DELTA 30 PRO - Latest Innovation in Skin Examination

EBOS Healthcare are pleased to announce the introduction of the HEINE DELTA 30 PRO Dermatoscope, the latest advancement in skin examination technology by HEINE. The HEINE DELTA 30 PRO improved dermatoscope offers significant enhancements including optimal LEDHQ, colour and temperature adjustment, and other cutting edge improvements.



The newly developed NEW HEINE DELTA 30 PRO Dermatoscope has been designed to ensure optimal positioning of the LED lights, which enhances the quality of the visualisation of intricate crevices and layers within the skin. As a result, skin dermatologists are empowered with a clearer and more detailed depiction, enabling them to identify even the minutest skin lesions with precision and accuracy.



The invention of the colorSHIFT function offers dermatologists the capability to adjust the colour settings to enhance visualisation of the patient's skin. This innovative feature allows practitioners to accurately assess skin lesions under different colour settings, ensuring a precise examination of the skin.


The HEINE DELTA 30 PRO is equipped with a zoom ring allowing dermatologists to see the skin lesions clearly at all distances without using pressure. This feature not only ensures a clear image of the skin but also enhances the comfort of both the patient and the practitioner during examinations.


The toggle function in HEINE DELTA 30 PRO allows for seamless switching between polarised and non-polarised light, allowing dermatologists to distinguish between dark and white structures.

Upgrade and discover the NEW HEINE DELTA 30 PRO and its accessories today!

DELTA 30 PRO Diagnostic Dermatoscope LEDHQ - HEINE

DELTA 30 PRO Diagnostic Dermatoscope LEDHQ - HEINE

HEINE diSTANCE Working Ring - Each

HEINE diSTANCE Working Ring - Each

DELTA 30 PRO Diagnostic Dermatoscope LEDHQ Bundle - HEINE

DELTA 30 PRO Diagnostic Dermatoscope LEDHQ Bundle - HEINE

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