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Skin integrity is an important consideration for both residents and staff in aged care facilities. Maintaining healthy skin is recommended to patients as it helps prevent dryness, dermatitis due to incontinence and reduces skin tears.

The skin integrity program includes:

  • Using a ph neutral wash instead of soap
  • Moisturising twice daily
  • Applying a barrier cream before putting on the continence aid

What is a Skin Tear?

A skin tear is a wound caused by shear, friction, and/or blunt force resulting in separation of skin layers. If not treated properly, they have a high probability of becoming extremely complex chronic wounds.

Skin tears are most common in the elderly, affecting over 40% of aged care residents*. Apart from the pain and distress they can cause, skin tears are also costly to treat.

Twice daily moisturising with QV Skin Lotion can help to prevent skin tears, reducing their incidence**. This can lead to significant savings for your aged care facility.


Apply QV Skin Lotion twice daily,
to reduce skin tears and cost in your facility*.



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