Xprecia Stride JUNE2024.pngAccurate results: Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyser
Experience accurate results with our patented electrochemical cell technology.

Proven Accuracy Compared to Laboratory Analysis
Xprecia Stride™ has been proven to provide accurate results that correlate with laboratory analysis using the Sysmex CS 2500.

Reliable PT/INR Monitoring with our Test Strips
Our Xprecia Stride™ test strips are equipped with specially formulated dry reagents that enable the device to deliver precise PT/INR measurements.

ISO Certifications for Quality Assurance
Universal Biosensors has a certified quality management system according to ISO 13485:2016 which is a regulatory requirement. This ensures that our products and our internal processes involving design and development, production and inspection meets a high standard of quality and performance which is critical in healthcare.

Cost Effective and Designed for
Healthcare Professionals On-The-Go

Designed to be Truly Portable
Fitting comfortably in your hand for easy transport, its compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect portable companion.

Affordable Prices for Analyser and Strips
Price of device and test strips cheaper than competitor brands, providing cost savings overtime to save money. Additionally, strips available in larger box quantity of 100, saving time and increased efficiency.

Seamless Data Transfer
With micro-USB connectivity and connection to PC through DMS, you can easily transfer data from the Xprecia Stride™.

Ensuring Safety for Healthcare Professionals

Enhanced Operator ID Entry and Lockout Features
Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, offering operator ID entry and lockout features for enhanced security.

Safer Sample Disposal
The safety eject button ensures safe sample disposal for medical professionals, by reducing risk of cross contamination.

Developed and Designed by an Australian Company
Crafted by innovative Australian company - Universal Biosensors, this cutting-edge analyser combines bold design with trusted Australian designed technology.

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Xprecia Stride