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“Unite for Safety: Clean Your Hands” - World Hand Hygiene Day 2022  

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognizes the 5th of May as World Hand Hygiene Day, highlighting the importance of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is a practice that results in infection prevention and control. The slogan “Unite for Safety: Clean Your Hands” encourages people of all levels to meet the common goal of safety and quality within their health care organisation. Hygiene at any level has significant importance, especially within the health care sector and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Per WHO, “people to clean their hands at the right times with the right products” (WHO, 2022). 
The Importance of Hand Washing:
  • Effective Infection and Prevention Control (IPC) measures could reduce health care-associated infections as much as 55% (2). 
Per the World Health Organisation, “Alcohol-based hand rubs are the preferred method for hand hygiene as they offer a broad antimicrobial spectrum, are highly effective, well tolerated by the skin, and can be made available at the point of care, thus overcoming key behavioural barriers to compliance in health care.” (2)
The highly effective alcohol foam antiseptic hand rub uses a unique foaming formula for the rapid convenient disinfection of hands and surgical hand disinfection – approved for use as a waterless surgical scrub to the EN12791 standard. 
As “healthcare providers might need to clean their hands as many as 100 times per 12-hour shift, depending on the number of patients and intensity of care” Cutan® Alcohol Foam Antiseptic HandRub contains moisturisers, helping prevent skin dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed after use. 
In addition: No Water Required + No Mess –does not clog pumps or splash and drip on surrounding floor and wall surfaces as associated with liquid and gel sanitisers. 
In the words of the World Health Organisation - “Unite, talk and work together on hand hygiene for high quality safer care everywhere”.