Consider Us Your Concierge Of Supply!

The day hospital model was brought to Australia with the intention of revolutionising care and delivering cost efficiencies to the health sector.

During Gareth’s experienced tenure he has witnessed the beneficial effects of such a care model for patients.

Each day hospital short-procedure team comprises highly skilled clinicians, supported by trained professionals.  Their collaborative approach enables the smooth delivery of each medical procedure and ensures every patient receives top-quality care.

Through delivery of short stay medical procedures in these purpose-built facilities, day hospitals have the potential to significantly reduce the number of patients on medical waitlists across both the public and private hospital network. 

With this aim in mind, a major focus of Day Hospitals Australia is the advocacy and support they provide towards their members whilst ensuring that the government (both federal and jurisdictional), private health insurers, various medical bodies, colleges, societies, and consumers all understand the benefit of day hospitals and the value of investing in this sector.

Gareth’s hope in the future is for day hospitals to become widely recognised as an integral medical service partner to the tertiary healthcare sector, alleviating the pressure on the Australian Healthcare System while providing best quality treatment conditions and care for patients.

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