Halyard Education Foundation Courses

Infection Control is an essential aspect of healthcare delivery in aged care that is supported by adequate training for healthcare professionals. Training ensures that healthcare professionals are knowledgeable in the practices that protect themselves and their patients throughout their work environments. 

Halyard's Education Foundation is an ongoing educational platform where healthcare professionals can consolidate their knowledge of healthcare practice and industry trends in an enjoyable and interactive way. 

The course is a series of clinical session presented by clinical educators in an audio format so you can learn on the go. It generates positive patient outcomes by improving staff competency in a range of topics related to Infection Control. 

Completion of the course will contribute to professional development for staff and an understanding of their role in preventing the spread of infection. 


Professional Development For You and Your Team


The program is available for the following courses:

The role of gloves in a pandemic

The objectives of this course are to address the importance of gloves in a COVID-19 environment. Features of the course include glove composition, manufacture and supply, standards as well as correct donning and doffing practice. 

The role of facemasks in a pandemic

This course focuses on understanding the role of facemasks in preventing the spread of infection. Features of this course include quality, standards, fit testing and how to differentiate between the types of masks that are available. It also debunks common mask myths. 

The role of PPE in a pandemic

The objectives of this course are to identify the properties and suitability PPE items among increasing global shortages. Features of this course include properties of masks and respirators, surgical gowns and gloves and how to identify which PPE is appropriate for use with chemo. 

Protecting healthcare workers in a pandemic

This course discusses one of the crucial elements of healthcare delivery - protecting healthcare workers. Features of this course include what kind of PPE healthcare professionals have access to, infection prevention, mask standards and donning and doffing.






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