NUTRICIA Flocare® ENFit™ Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) CH14 - Ctn/2

NUTRICIA Flocare® ENFit™ Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) CH14 - Ctn/2

Code: 10012243

Old Code: NX03524

Supplier Part: 94815/ 178131

Unit: EA

Bulk Unit: 2 per CAR

The old code for this product is: NX03524

The Nutricia Flocare® G-Tube is suitable for patients undergoing long-term gastric feeding or in need of a stomach decompression. It features a silicone balloon catheter fitted with ENFit™ connectors, to ensure safe connectivity with feeding devices, reducing the risk of feeding tube misconnections whilst improving patient safety. The tube has a Charriére size of CH14 and a balloon fill volume of 5ml. 


Features and Benefits

The Flocare® range of G-Tubes features a colour code indicating the range of sizes, reducing confusion and improving patient safety. The G-Tube is radio-opaque throughout its length and includes graduated marks every 1 cm, ensuring precision verification. Features a 90-degree silicone external retention disc, providing fixation and a kink-free bending tube, protecting skin from damage and improving patient comfort, and a silicone internal retention balloon, which provides secure placement of the G-Tube. Quick-release clamps prevent backflow of gastric contents, assisting in the control of flow during bolus feeding, and a transparent medical-grade silicone cone tube improves patient comfort. Made from Latex-free and DEHP-free materials. 



  • Brand: Nutricia
  • Product:Nutricia Diasip Oral Nutritional Supplement Vanilla 200ml (10012175)
  • Diameter: 14fr
  • Balloon Fill Volume: 5ml
  • Unit of Measure: Carton of 2

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WARNING - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.



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