Nutricia Fortisip Compact Protein Neutral Flavour 125mL- Ctn/24

Nutricia Fortisip Compact Protein Neutral Flavour 125mL- Ctn/24

Code: 10012246

Old Code: NX131682

Supplier Part: 172130

Unit: CAR 24

The old code for this product is: NX131682
Nutricia Fortisip Compact Protein is a neutral flavour ready-to-drink, high energy and low-volume oral nutritional supplement drink for the dietary management of Disease Related Malnutrition (DRM) and patients with high energy and protein requirements. The Fortisip Compact Proteins is a small bottle with an easy open cap design. Compact Protein provides 18g of protein and 300 kcal with no fibre in each bottle. The Neutral flavour Compact Protein is designed for cancer patients to help address the taste alteration during cancer treatment.
  • Brand: Nutricia
  • Product: Fortisip Compact Protein (NX131682)
  • Size: 125mL
  • Flavour: Neutral
  • Halal: Halal certified
  • Contain: no Contain wheat, egg, nuts, lupins
  • Gluten: No gluten
  • Unit of measurement: Carton of 24
  • Image is a sample of the product
  • Warning- always read the label and follow the directions for use



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