SpringfusorĀ® Flow Control Tubing 30ml/15mm, Ctn/25

Springfusor® Flow Control Tubing 30ml/15mm, Ctn/25

Code: 10007789

Old Code: WW211081

Supplier Part: 211081

Unit: CAR 25

The old code for this product is: WW211081
The Flow Control Tubing is a tube with narrow dimensions specially crafted to offer accurate and consistent flow during IV or SC infusions when utilised in conjunction with Go Medical's Springfusor® Infusion Pump. Minimal training is necessary to use it, and there's no need for programming or an external power source.
The luer lock fittings equipped on each manufactured Flow Control Tubing offer easy and direct patient connection to his/her respective cannula or port. Nominal flow rate has been calibrated within specific temperatures to ensure optimal infusion rates using normal saline(unless specified otherwise), as administered supinely upon patients.
  • Brand: Warner & Webster Pty Ltd.
  • Product: Springfusor® Flow Control Tubing 30ml/15mm (10007789)
  • Flow Rate: 120ml/hr
  • Unit of Measurement: Ctn/25
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WARNING - Always read the label and follow directions for use.
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