Intrafix® SafeSet PiggyBack BCV PUR Luer Lock 75cm - Ctn/25

Intrafix® SafeSet PiggyBack BCV PUR Luer Lock 75cm - Ctn/25

Code: 10008272

Old Code: BB4062878

Supplier Part: 4062878

Unit: CAR 25

The old code for this product is: BB4062878
The Intrafix® SafeSet IV administration set is designed for delivering fluids and medications directly into a vein. Infusion device of premium quality, suitable for pressure and gravity infusions. Its use extends to adults, paediatrics and neonates without restrictions. This IV administration includes a bacteria and virus-blocking air vent filter with closable caps, and a protective roller clamp for the spike, promoting safe handling and disposal.
Key Features + Benefits:
  • Piggyback port for added flexibility.
  • Closed system design to minimise risk of infection.
  • Luer Lock to ensure safe connection methods for attaching syringes and tubing.
  • Transparent chamber for easy drip visualisation and flow rate monitoring.
  • Drip chamber designed with a spacious filtering region that captures particles > or = 15 micrometers.
  • AirStop filter safeguards air bubbles entering tubing, trapping particles sized 3 microns with over 80% efficiency.
  • Air vent filter blocking bacteria and virus, with closable caps.
  • Roller clamp - safe handling and disposal.
  • Withstands pressure up to 2 bar and suitable for pumps with 3 x 4.1mm tubing.
  • Easy to pierce spike, universal
  • Free of latex, DEHP and PVC
  • Brand: B. Braun Australia Pty Ltd
  • Product: Intrafix® SafeSet PiggyBack BCV PUR (10008272)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Feature: Luer Lock, Transparent Tubing, Roller Clamp
  • Length: 75cm
  • Unit of Measurement: Ctn/25
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WARNING - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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