Intrafix® SafeSet PiggyBack BCV PUR Luer Lock 75cm - Ctn/25

Intrafix® SafeSet PiggyBack BCV PUR Luer Lock 75cm - Ctn/25

Code: 10008273

Old Code: BB8250719S

Supplier Part: 8250719SP

Unit: CAR 25

The old code for this product is: BB8250719S
A set for IV administration that is suitable for both gravity infusion and compatible pumps, ideal for infusions of short duration like antibiotics. The Infusomat® Space Line Flushing Set is exclusively meant for administering short-term infusions like antibiotics along with a connected secondary administration set (Intrafix® Primeline). There is no requirement to transfer the remaining potent medication into another container before administering the next drug as flushing decreases its volume.
Features + Benefits:
  • Silicone pump segment is designed for optimal delivery precision and sustained long-term consistency.
  • Set-based free-flow protection clamp automatically secures the line upon removal of tubing from the pump.
  • Roller clamp, complete with a line holder and spike protector component to ensure secure disposal.
  • Air vent that effectively prevents bacteria infiltration, equipped with a user-friendly snap cap for easy closure.
  • The PrimeStop Cap patient connector guarantees automatic priming and drip-proof fluid containment. It remains a secure system until connected to the patient.
  • Brand: B. Braun Australia Pty Ltd
  • Product: Infusomat® Space Line SafeSet Flushing Set (10008273)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Features: Silicone Pump, Roller Clamp, PrimeStop Cap.
  • Unit of Measurement: Ctn/25
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WARNING - Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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