Saraya Smart-San Antibacterial Foaming Soap 1.2L - Ctn/8

Saraya Smart-San Antibacterial Foaming Soap 1.2L - Ctn/8

Code: 10011455

Old Code: SA56000

Supplier Part: 56000

Unit: CAR 8

The old code for this product is: SA56000

Saraya Antibacterial Foaming Soap is a high-quality foaming hand soap designed for multiple hand wash dispensers. A natural formulation that provides effective hand cleaning and is gentle on the skin. The quality foam increases surface area on the skin to spread evenly, quickly and cover every surface. The soap solution is economical and environmentally safe.

Features and Benefits

The antibacterial soap contains emollient for skin conditioning, is food safe and contains approximately 1200 doses per litre.


  • Brand: Saraya
  • Product: Antibacterial Foaming Soap (SA56000)
  • Feature: Environmentally friendly
  • Size: 1.2L
  • Dimensions : 130 x 180 x 75mm
  • Unit of Measure: Carton of 8
  • Image is sample of product



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