Bath in Bed Wipes Cleanse and Moisture 33x23cm - Pkt/8

Bath in Bed Wipes Cleanse and Moisture 33x23cm - Pkt/8

Code: 10011706

Old Code: RH102

Supplier Part: RHS102

Unit: PAC 8

The old code for this product is: RH102

Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes is a complete bathing solution that can be used in hot, cold or at room temperatures. Cleanse and moisturise the skin with a non-foaming cleanser, remove harmful bacteria and control odour in one easy step. Eliminating the need for reusable accessories that can harbour harmful bacteria, upgrading to Reynard Bed in Bath wipes can play an important role in reducing cross contamination. These wipes can be used in sectors such as aged care and hospitals, intensive & post surgery care, and during patient transportation


Brand: Reynard Health Supplies

Product: Bath in Bed Wipes

Each wipe is 33x23cm

Unit of measure is a packet of 8 pieces

Image is sample of product


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