Disposable Hospital Curtains (Cream) - 2.5 x2m - Box/15

Disposable Hospital Curtains (Cream) - 2.5 x2m - Box/15

Code: 10015268

Old Code: HADC25C

Supplier Part: DC25C

Unit: BOX 15

The old code for this product is: HADC25C

Haines® disposable hospital curtains are designed to replace your existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centres and other healthcare facilities that require the use of curtains.

The curtains offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing and washing reusable curtains and with their proven ability to inhibit bacterial growth, they can improve infection control at your facility.

The Haines® Disposable Hospital Curtains are:

  • Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, non-woven fabric – 120gsm
  • Fire retardant (AS 2755.2-1985) – Failed to Burn
  • Impregnated with anti-bacterial and anti-mildew chemicals including nanometer silver (curtain and mesh)

Previous studies have demonstrated that pathogens such as VRE, MRSA and Clostridium difficile are still present on non-disposable curtains even after one week post laundering (Ohl,M. et al 2011). Even with steam cleaning, the curtains still remained contaminated (White, L.F; Dancer, S.J; Robertson, C; 2007).

Visual Appeal

Curtains always look fresh, pleated and new. They are purchased specifically for your area so they are always the right length and size, avoiding issues with the wrong reusable curtains being returned from the laundry.


  • Material: 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric – 120gsm
  • Standard eyelets (Option 1) - eyelets are 15cm apart
  • Hooks required per Curtain - DC25 x 17; DC45 x 30; DC75 x 50
  • Packing: each folded in poly bag
  • Tie Back – sewn on so won’t fall off
  • Identification Label - each curtain is supplied with an easy to read identification label - this is to monitor length of use and provides an easy way to monitor required changes of curtains.
  • TGA Registered
  • Fire Retardant- tested to AS1530.2-1993 and AS2755.2-1985
  • Curtain Size: 2.5M X 2m
  • UOM: Box/15

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