Code: 10021359

Old Code: 22243050

Supplier Part: SH5001

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: 22243050


The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is from Saehan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation products.  The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer offers numerous features for standard screening work, as well as for assessing hand trauma and disease:

The Dual-Scale Readout displays grip force in pounds (up to 200lbs) and kilograms (maximum reading 90kgs).

The Peak-Hold Needle automatically retains the highest reading on the dial and that reading will remain until it's manually reset.

The readings are Accurate and Reproducible because the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is isometric in use.  That means there's almost no perceptible motion of the handles (regardless of grip strength) which produces more accurate results.

The Adjustable Handle accommodates various hand sizes with five different grip positions, with half-inch increments.

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