Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container, 20 Litre - Each

Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container, 20 Litre - Each

Code: 10009495

Old Code: TW20XTO

Supplier Part: LNC20

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: TW20XTO

The Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container is made of a high-strength aluminium alloy with advanced powder coating technology and designed for low liquid nitrogen consumption. Each Dewar Container features a complete safety lock lid, neck plug, leather (PU) bag & ladle.


  • Brand: Pacific Medical
  • Product: Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Container (TW20XTO)
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Weight (empty): 9.5kg
  • Caliber (neck opening of dewar): 50mm
  • Outer diameter of dewar: 394mm
  • Height of dewar: 672mm
  • Static evaporation rate: 0.12L/d
  • Static holding time: 168 days
  • Unit of measurement: Each
  • Image is a sample of product



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