Molicare Skin Cleanse Tissue 3in1 Wet Wipes - Pkt/50

Molicare Skin Cleanse Tissue 3in1 Wet Wipes - Pkt/50

Code: 10022319

Supplier Part: 995096

Unit: PAC 50

Bulk Unit: 12 per CAR

MoliCare Skin Cleanse Tissue 3in1 Wet Wipes offer a comprehensive skincare solution designed specifically for those affected by incontinence. Dermatologically tested and enriched with soothing botanical extracts, these wipes are a gentle yet effective choice for maintaining cleanliness and skin health. The MoliCare Skin 3in1 Wet wipes are impregnated with lotion to cleanse, protect and moisturise the skin, preserving the natural acid protection mantle and helping to prevent skin irritation. The convenient, disposable nature of these wipes makes them an ideal choice for both caregivers and individuals managing incontinence.

Features and Benefits
MoliCare Skin Cleanse Tissue 3in1 Wet Wipes are specially formulated for skin affected by incontinence, ensuring gentle cleansing, protection, and hydration. Molicare Skin 3in1 extra-large, extra-soft Wet wipes are formulated at a pH of 5.5, aligning closely with the skin's natural acid mantle to ensure maximum protection and minimal irritation. Enriched with Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract and Aloe Vera, the wipes offer soothing anti-inflammatory benefits and enhanced moisture retention with glycerin. The alcohol-free formula ensures that the wipes are gentle on the skin, making them suitable for frequent use. Packaged in convenient 50-piece packs, these extra-large, soft spunlace wipes are both effective and easy to use, ideal for personal care or professional settings.


  • Brand: MoliCare
  • Product: Skin Cleanse Tissue 3in1 Wet Wipes (10022319)
  • Feature: Skin friendly pH-balanced, Aloe Vera and Glycerin
  • Unit of measurement: 50 packes
  • Image is sample of product
  • WARING: Always read the label and follow the directions for use.



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