TENA® ProSkin Pants Unisex Maxi XL, 120-160cm - Ctn/40

TENA® ProSkin Pants Unisex Maxi XL, 120-160cm - Ctn/40

Code: 10008500

Old Code: BW794762

Supplier Part: 794762

Unit: CAR 40

The old code for this product is: BW794762

TENA® Maxi ProSkin Pants are designed to provide superior comfort and protection for individuals with incontinence. These advanced incontinence pants feature cutting-edge moisture-reducing technologies, ensuring dryness, leakage security, and odour control for both day and night use. The innovative FeelDry Advanced™ technology effectively draws liquid away from the surface and locks it into a super absorbent core, promoting natural skin health and maintaining dryness.
Features and Benefits
TENA® ProSkin Pants are crafted from textile-like, breathable materials with exceptional absorbency, offering a pull-up fit similar to regular underwear to promote an independent and active everyday life. With a wide range of absorbency levels and sizes available, these disposable incontinence pants provide triple protection for skin health, dryness, softness, and leakage security.
Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, the TENA ProSkin pants are verified as skin-friendly, providing peace of mind that independent skin health experts have endorsed their safety. The dual absorption zone and stretch materials ensure optimum dryness, protection, and a comfortable fit that stays in place. Dermatologically tested and equipped with an odour neutraliser and soft anti-leakage barriers, TENA ProSkin Pants offer comprehensive protection and comfort for individuals with incontinence.


  • Brand: TENA®
  • Product: TENA® ProSkin Pants Unisex Maxi (794762)
  • Size: XL
  • Waist Size: 120-160cm
  • Unit of measurement: Carton of 40
  • Image is a sample of product

WARNING Always read the label and follow the directions for use. 



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