TENA FIX PROskin Incontinence Fixation Pants, 3XL- Ctn/56

TENA FIX PROskin Incontinence Fixation Pants, 3XL- Ctn/56

Code: 10008499

Old Code: BW754047

Supplier Part: 754047

Unit: PAC 5

The old code for this product is: BW754047

The TENA FIX PROskin is a latex-free, reusable and breathable fixation pant for securing large, shaped incontinence pads.

These premium mesh support pants are specially designed for use with shaped incontinence pads to ensure a close fit and optimum security against leaks. TENA Fix Fixation pants are seamless to minimise pressure points and made from 96% Polyester for premium comfort. TENA Fix Premium is washable at 60 degrees in a washing bag, and suitable for gentle tumble-drying. TENA Fix Premium pants can be washed up to 50 times without losing their shape. The TENA Fix Premium Fixation Pants provide secure and discreet fixation and is intended to look and feel like regular underwear.


  • Brand: TENA
  • Product: TENA FIX PROskin (BW754047)
  • Size: 3XL
  • Waist Size: 130-180 cm
  • Latex: latex-free
  • Unit of measurement: Carton of 56
  • Image is a sample of product



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