MoliCare® Premium Mobile Pull-Up Pad 5 Drops, Small – Ctn/4

MoliCare® Premium Mobile Pull-Up Pad 5 Drops, Small – Ctn/4

Code: 10008447

Old Code: 44915861

Supplier Part: 915861

Unit: CAR 56

The old code for this product is: 44915861

MoliCare® Premium Mobile is a skin-friendly pull-up pad that resembles normal underwear, with a 3-layer absorbent core to provide highly effective leakage protection for moderate to heavy incontinence.

Features and benefits:

MoliCare® Premium Mobile is a pull-up pad designed to look and feel like regular underwear with soft, comfortable textiles. Included are a 3-layer absorbent core, odour neutralisers, and inner leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection and high-level confidence. pH buffering reduces the risk of skin irritation caused by incontinence. The pull-up pad features tear-open side seams to facilitate the changing process. Suitable for both men and women.


  • Brand: Hartmann
  • Product: MoliCare® Premium Mobile Pull-Up Pad, 5 Drops (44915861)
  • Feature: 3-layer absorbent core and inner leakage cuffs
  • Size: Small
  • Waist/hip measurement: 60-90cm
  • Absorbency ISO: 5 drops (941-1183mL)
  • Unit of Measurement: Carton of 4 (Equal to 56 Units)
  • Image is sample of product.



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