MoliCare® Premium Men 5 Drops Incontinence Pad – Ctn/12

MoliCare® Premium Men 5 Drops Incontinence Pad – Ctn/12

Code: 10008441

Old Code: 44168801

Supplier Part: 168801

Unit: CAR 168

The old code for this product is: 44168801

MoliCare® Premium Men’s Pads promote comfort and security for male patients. Comprised of a 3-layer absorbent core and unique curly fibre technology, this premium pad keeps the skin dry and odour-free, reducing the risk of incontinence-related skin irritation.

Features and benefits:

The MoliCare® Premium Men’s Pad includes a breathable back sheet, soft top sheet, and all-around protection through fast absorption and anti-leakage cuffs. The premium pad’s antibacterial character and pH buffering supports the skin-neutral pH level of 5.5. Wide adhesive strip ensures the pad remains situated comfortably in regular underwear. Pads have been dermatologically tested.


  • Brand: Hartmann
  • Product: MoliCare® Premium Men Incontinence Pad, 5 Drops (44168801)
  • Feature: Dermatologically tested with breathable material and odour neutraliser
  • Absorbency ISO: 5 drops (852mL)
  • Unit of Measurement: Carton of 12 (Equal to 168 Units)
  • Image is sample of product



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