MoliCare Premium Elastic 6 drops Medium - Ctn/3

MoliCare Premium Elastic 6 drops Medium - Ctn/3

Code: 10008412

Old Code: 44165272-B

Supplier Part: 165272

Unit: CAR 90

The old code for this product is: 44165272-B

The MoliCare Premium Elastic is an all-in-one slip style pad for moderate to very severe incontinence, suitable for all body shapes. MoliCare Premium Elastic is self explanatory and quick and easy to apply with only 2 elasticated side panels and 2 re-closable tapes. Faster application and less handling helps preserve the dignity of patients, while the ergonomic design helps reduce stress on the body of care givers. MoliCare Premium Elastic offers maximum leakage protection, absorption performance and odour control for high level confidence and security.


  • Brand: Hartmann
  • Product: MoliCare Premium Elastic (44165272-B)
  • Size: Medium
  • Waist/Hip Size: 85-120cm
  • Absorbency: 6 drops (1667 - 2786 ml)
  • Unit of Measure: Carton of 3 (Equals to 90)
  • Image is a sample of product



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