MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops, 60x90cm - Ctn/4

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops, 60x90cm - Ctn/4

Code: 10008509

Old Code: 44161070

Supplier Part: 161070

Unit: CAR 100

The old code for this product is: 44161070

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat is a lightly absorbent underpad to help protect bedding and furniture. The bed mat features a protective waterproof backing that ensures maximum protection against leaks and spills. It also comprises a non-woven top sheet that protects the skin from irritations and provides a soft, comfortable feel. The bed mat's elastic foil is stamped at the edges to prevent leakage at the sides and hold the underpad securely in place. This feature guarantees that the bed mat remains in position, providing the user with peace of mind and uninterrupted sleep.


  • Brand: Molicare
  • Product: Molicare Premium Bed Mat (44161070)
  • Urine Absorbency level: 7 drops
  • Unisex
  • Unit of Measurement: Carton of 4 (Equal to 100 Units)
  • Image is a sample of product



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