Delta-LiteĀ® Plus Fibreglass Casting 7.5cm Roll

Delta-Lite® Plus Fibreglass Casting 7.5cm Roll

Code: 10010688

Old Code: SN4792W

Supplier Part: 73458-02

Unit: EA

The old code for this product is: SN4792W

Delta-Lite Plus is a fibreglass cast tape that is easy to use and durable. The finished casts are strong, long lasting and lightweight making them particularly appropriate for young, active patients and the elderly.

  • Smooth finished cast
  • Strong lamination
  • Easy unrolling tension
  • Good conformability
  • Improved rigidity

(Mixed colours or other colours available in box of 10 only. Please specify colour or mixed. Price is equivalent to 10 x "10+ price" of Delta-Lite Plus)

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