The TIMES concept promotes a holistic approach to patient well-being in wound care and contributes to identifying barriers to healing and guides the plan of care to remove them.

Optimal wound management can lead to a reduction in the frequency of dressing changes which enhance the patients quality of life.

The TiMES assessment tool has become the gold standard model for wound assessment. This assists clinicians to identify and address barriers of wound healing to create an optimat wound healing environment.

Times Graphic

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Flaminal - A Solution For Acute and Chronic Wounds


Flaminal® (Hydro/Forte) can be used for acute and chronic wound types. The wound treatment is available in two formulations:

  • Flaminal® Hydro for slightly to moderately exuding wounds; and
  • Flaminal® Forte for wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound exudate

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Flaminal offers versatile wound management
  • Flaminal provides continuous debridement
  • Flaminal balances moisture in the wound and prevents infection to speed up the healing process
  • All components in Flaminal are non-toxic to skin cells
  • Flaminal promotes natural healing

How It Works

Debriding Gel
The gel dissolves necrotic tissue and fibrin and absorbs them from the wound bed.

Absorbent Alginate
The alginate helps with the absorption of wound exudate (including debris and bacteria) while avoiding maceration of the wound edges and without drying out the wound bed. This way granulation tissue can form and grow.

Patented Antibacterial Enzyme Complex
The enzyme complex protects the wound from infections and biofilm formation.

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Flaminal® Forte 50g Tube

Flaminal® Forte 50g Tube

Flaminal® Hydro 50g Tube

Flaminal® Hydro 50g Tube