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Flaminal® Hydro and Flaminal® Forte -
For Acute and Chronic Wounds

Flaminal® is a  primary wound dressing suitable for acute and chronic wound types. The gel offers versatile wound management, provides continuous debridement, balances moisture in the wound and prevents infection to speed up the healing process.

All components in Flaminal® are non-toxic to skin cells and promote natural healing.

The wound treatment is available in two formulations: Flaminal® Hydro for slightly to moderately exuding wounds and Flaminal® Forte for wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound exudate.

For Superficial Wounds

Flamigel® is a hydro-active colloid gel for the treatment of minor wounds which supports the fast healing of skin by covering the wound and creating an optimal moist healing environment. Flamigel® is used for post lasertherapy, on superficial burns (including those caused by radiotherapy) and on minor wounds (e.g. grazes and cuts). Flamigel® may also be used on superficial open wounds.

Flamigel® hydro-active colloid formulation can quickly help soothe pain of minor wounds due to its cooling effect.

Flamigel®helps to create optimal healing conditions to accelerate cell renewal, allowing the wound to heal fast and so to reduce the likelihood of scarring.

Flamigel® also cushions the wound to provide a barrier against external contamination.

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