XP BLADES MAC #2 -Box/25

XP BLADES MAC #2 -Box/25

Code: HEF0022762

Supplier Part: F-000.22.762

Unit: box

HEINE® XP Emergency Set with XP Disposable Blades Mac 2 114mm x 10mm

Specially-developed for emergency-use featuring the HEINE XP® Disposable Laryngoscope Blades. These sets are equipped with XP blades of the same anatomically-correct shape as the Classic+blade, the world’s best-selling F.O. blade with integrated fiber optic bundle. The HEINE XP Emergency Laryngoscope Set is complete with the 5 most frequentlyused blade types and sizes for infants and adults. Instantly-ready for use with F.O. SP Handle and replaceable batteries.

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