Glustitch® Twist Wound Closure Violet Box/6

Glustitch® Twist Wound Closure Violet Box/6

Code: GLU-6

Supplier Part: GLTW105E VIOLET

Unit: each

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GluStitch® Twist is a sterile, topical tissue adhesive.
GluStitch® Twist is provided in a single-use applicator packaged in a protective foil pouch. It remains liquid until it is applied to the skin and spread into a thin layer. GluStitch® Twist is intended for the topical closure of surgical skin incisions and trauma-induced lacerations in areas of low skin tension that are simple, thoroughly-cleansed, and have easily approximated skin edges. 
  • Topical tissue adhesive
  • 6 x 0.5ml Sterile Ampoules
  • Simple twist-off cap
  • Sets in seconds
  • Violet colour to improve visibility
  • Great value

Using GluStitch® Twist improves cosmetic outcomes

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