HydroClean Plus 4cm Round - Box/10

HydroClean Plus 4cm Round - Box/10

Code: HA609602

Supplier Part: 609602

Unit: box

This product has been discontinued. It will still be purchasable while stocks last but will not be restocked after this point.

HydroClean Plus is a unique Hydro-responsive wound dressing that has been developed to provide a cleanse, debride, de-slough and absorb function to facilitate optimal wound bed preparation. HydroClean plus contains PHMB to kill bacteria inside the dressing, Ringer's solution to continuously rinse & cleanse the wound bed and super absorbent polymers to absorb the exudate and wound debris.

  • Unique rinsing absorption mechanism
  • Up to 3 day wear time
  • Excellent cleansing/debriding effect
  • Box/10
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