Bactol Moisturiser with Vitamin E 1L - Ctn/6

Bactol Moisturiser with Vitamin E 1L - Ctn/6

Code: WH020039

Supplier Part: 20039

Unit: ctn

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Bactol® Moisturiser absorbs quickly into the skin, softening and conditioning it, while being suitable for use under gloves. Sanitisers and soaps that don’t have emollients can be very drying on the skin. For healthcare workers dry, cracked skin can increase the risk of infection and transmission to others.

Features & Benefits:

The moisturiser is pH balanced, enriched with Vitamin E and lanolin free.


Brand: Whiteley™

Product: Bactol® Moisturiser (20039)

Volume of bottle is 1L

Unit of measure is a carton of 6 (6 x 1L)

Image is sample of product


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