Kleenex Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser - 1 Litre

Kleenex Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser - 1 Litre

Code: KC6334

Supplier Part: 11554

Unit: each

Bulk Unit: 6 per ctn

Kleenax Luxury Antibacterial Foam Cleanser is a mild foaming soap which is dye and fragrance-free and can be used for frequent hand washing

Manufactured with 62% Ethyl alcohol this luxurious foaming sanitiser instantly reduces bacteria and prevents spreading through the workplace. Killing 99.9% of bacteria, it is suitable for use in facilities where hygiene is at the upmost importance.

With a pleasant fragrance, this foam sanitiser provides a refreshing and enjoyable skin cleaning experience, the moisturising ingredients prevent hands from drying out. Fast drying and non-sticky, this convenient foam sanitiser cleans without water, making it suitable for workplaces where productivity is key.

The high capacity 1000ml cartridges minimise maintenance time and reduce the risk of running out. Sealed cartridges protect the sanitiser prior to use, preventing contamination and the compact, easy to use dispensers suit all locations


Size: 1 Litre

Colour: Clear/dye free

Fragrance free

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