UnoFlex Reinforced Endotracheal Tube 8.0 - Box/10

UnoFlex Reinforced Endotracheal Tube 8.0 - Box/10

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Supplier Part: MM61214080

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Bulk Unit: 10 per box

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UnoFlex reinforced ETT, Magill, HVLP cuff with Murphey eye, 340mm

Reinforced Endotracheal tubes are intended to be used to assist in the delivery of anaesthetic gases or air to and from the patients lung.  The deivice is inserted by way of the nose or mouth through the larynx into the trachea for the purpose of maintaining an open airway and mechanically ventilating the patient.  It is attached to the anaesthetic machine or repirator via a connector after insertion into the patient.  

The product is intended for single use only

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