Vernagel Super Absorbent Powder 475g Bottle

Vernagel Super Absorbent Powder 475g Bottle

Code: 456MA475

Supplier Part: 6MA475

Unit: each

Vernagel is designed specifically to cope with bodily fluids, trapping them in a dry, semi-solid gel within a bedpan, urinal or bowl prior to disposal.  It is a super absorbent powder which promotes patient confidence by preventing spillages and leaks as well as reduce the risk of cross-infection to patients and healthcare staff.

  • Each Sachet (7g), can absorb 3 x more than before, up to 1.2L in total resulting in less spillages, easier disposal and improved infection control.
  • New packaging with Vernacare branding also includes a warning message to avoid product mis-use on each individual sachet and dispenser.
  • Use in conjunction with Vernacare’s single-use containers such as the male & female urinals, bedpan 75s and bedpan 100s, slipper pans, vomit bowls and washbowls.
  • Use in bins and clinical bags.
  • Do not tip “gelled” substance into wash basins or sinks.

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