Poise Extra 6 Pkt - Ctn/12

Poise Extra 6 Pkt - Ctn/12

Code: KI91862

Supplier Part: 91862

Unit: ctn

Poise Extra 6 Pkt

UoM - Ctn/12

Poise Pads provides incontinence protection when you’re not able to reach the toilet fast enough and the whole bladder might empty at one time.

  • Softer Sides with Aloe Vera for improved all-day comfort
  • Improved Shape to better fit the natural curves of your body
  • Added absorbency and length for greater protection
  • Gently raised centre and soft side shields help stop and contain leaks
  • Breathable outer cover helps skin stay comfortable and fresh
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene
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