The Vortex Disposal Unit

The Vortex Macerator Disposal Units break the cycle of infection by disintegrating and flushing the disposable products and human waste.

Vernacare is the only company to manufacture the complete single-use human waste disposal system that helps to:

  • Reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Saves nurses time
  • Support healthcare facilities' sustainability agendas
  • Provides financial benefits
Features & Benefits

Closed Drum System 
Ensures products are broken down into small particles

Unique Twin Blade Action 
Creates a fine watery slurry

Hands Free Operation 
Reduces the risk of cross infection

Auto-Start Function
Ease of use and saves nurse time

Start Lock Control 
Cycle will only begin when the lid is securely latched, prevents opening whilst in use

Self Diagnosing Display Panel 
Easy to understand. Display reduces down time

Manual Emptying Override Switch
Allows easy draining for the engineer

Ergonomic Design 
Optimised performance and easy to clean.


Vernacare Vortex Macerator