The Vortex Macerator Process

The Vortex macerator range is designed for simplicity and ease of use with maximum efficiency, while minimising infection risk.

Step 1 Products are placed into the Vortex macerator. Lid and hopper diaphragm close securely.

Step 2 12 litres of cold water pump in. Twin blades reduce products to a very fine consistency.

Step 3 Diaphragm opens and the fine slurry is discharged.

Step 4 12 litres of cold water pump in cleaning the inside of the vortex and drainage system.*


*When anti-bacterial deodoriser is used, during the cleaning cycle the last time mixes with the anti-bacterial deodoriser ensuring the hopper and the drum are completely clean.

 Vernacare Vortex Macerator

Watch the video below on the Vortex Macerator Process


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