SmartFlow Technology

Every disposal unit in the industry-leading Vernacare range contains our SmartFlow™ technology.

Designed to ensure a fast, even flow of waste, SmartFlow™ is a unique maceration system that ensures waste material is only released to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved.

Through continued action inside the drum the particle size is minimised, ensuring no dry or bulky material can pass into the pipework.

With SmartFlow™:

  1. Every single-use container placed into the unit is fully saturated with water and broken down to a fine consistency.
  2. The unit is kept completely sealed during this activity. waste material is flushed into the drain only once a fine watery slurry has been created.
  3. Discharge takes place rapidly at the end of the cycle. Tests have shown that SmartFlow™ technology achieves a flow rate that is four times faster than alternative systems, keeping drains clear.

No other disposal unit on the market uses the SmartFlow™ know-how from Vernacare. It brings a new standard of efficient infection prevention and control to healthcare organisations and facilities.


Vernacare Smartflow

SmartFlow Technology