Sterile Lubricating Jelly 

The OptiLube™ brand is a range of class IIa sterile lubricating gel which is available in a comprehensive range of formats: tubes, syringes and sachets OptiLube™ has been developed by clinicians for clincians.

OptiLube™ is:

  • Water solube, pH balanced universal sterile lubricating jelly
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy, transparent and petroleum free
  • Will not damage rubber or metal and is safe to use on human tissue
  • Adheres well to gloves/instruments

It is recommended for the following uses:

  • Insertion of catheters
  • Insertion of speculum
  • Rectal thermometers
  • Enemas/douches
  • Gynaecological examination
  • Insertion of tampons
  • Digital and instrument examinations
  • Lubrication of condoms
  • General hospital procedures

OptiLube Sachets

OptiLube sachets promote advanced infection prevention procedures; the individual use sachets eliminate the risk of patient contamination.

Available in 2.7g or 5g sachets

OMS OptiLube Sachets OMS OptiLube Sachets

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OptiLube Tubes

The classic choice for clinicians. OptiLube tubes have an unique flip-cap, enabling the tube to be opened easily. This feature also deters unnecessary leakage.

Available in 5g mini tubes, 42g, 82g and a large 113g tube.

OMS Optilube Tubes

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OptiLube Pre-Filled Syringes