Click'aV® Polymer Ligating Clips

 safe occlusion

Click'aV® Ligating Clips are implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer to ensure high level of biocompatibility together with structural and dimensional stability over time which is essential for long-lasting patient safety.


Grena Click'aV Ligating Clips


The clips are designed to combine the speed of metal clip with outstanding security comparable to 2.0 suture. This combination results in extreme time savings. In a number of procedures Click'aV® Ligating Clips successfully replace endostaplers or harmonic scalpel combining the same security level with cost savings.

Of great importance is low interference with CT scanning, radio-transparency in X-ray and the highest safety in MRI resulting in lack of artifacts.

Key features:

  • four sizes to ligate tissue structures from 2mm to 16 mm
  • ligate up to 10mm tissue through a 5mm trocar or up to 16mm through a 10mm trocar
  • easy loading system
  • removers available to unlock the clip
  • clips delivered in color-coded cartridges for easy identification
  • 4 or 6 clips per cartridge to ensure economical and comfortable use of the product
  • 20 cm, 27 cm, 27 cm 70° angled clip appliers with properly sized jaws
  • color-coded applier rings for easy identification Surgeons can take great advantage of the unique design features of Click'aV® polymer Ligating Clips:
  • non-absorbable polymer = unlimited hold-on time
  • penetrating lock = fast and effective closure, security on the tissue, tactile feedback on closure
  • self-leading lock = no scissoring of the clip
  • precision bosses = security in the applier – no dropouts, no slip-back, tactile feedback on loading
  • bowed shape = ability to encompass more tissue
  • living hinge = flexibility during opening and closing, no over-closing
  • integrated teeth = no slippage on the tissue


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