Endomag is dedicated to improving the global standard cancer care for everyone, everywhere, by developing a unique clinical platform that uses magnetic fields to power diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Endomag’s first approved products form a minimally-invasive surgical guidance system to address unmet needs in work flow efficiency, availability and affordability for surgical oncology.

The future of cancer staging

The first two Endomag products are the Sentimag® Probe and Sienna+® Tracer, a magnetic tracer solution. Sienna+® is injected into the body and the Sentimag® is used to track its presence, locating lymph nodes for the staging of breast cancer.

By avoiding the need for traditional radioisotopes in sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB), and the flexibility to inject in the OR up to seven days before the procedure, Sentimag® and Sienna+® improve workflow and lower costs, enhance patient comfort and quality of life, and provide a better standard of care available to everyone, everywhere.

Key advantages for clinicians

  • Allows best practice SLNB to be performed anywhere, by any trained practitioner
  • Issues with radioactive materials are eliminated, but with equivalent clinical outcomes [1-7]
  • Delivers ultrasensitive detection and intuitive location of sentinel lymph nodes
  • Sienna+® tracer is safe, easy to transport and has a long shelf life
  • Increases workflow, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Sentimag® and Sienna+® are a CE-approved system for SLN localisation