AirPal SPS TransferPad

Single Patient Stay Disposable (SPS)

Some disposable pads will NOT last throughout a patient's hospital stay. Airpal SPS Single-Patient-Stay* TransferPad™ changes all that with a rugged design that holds up for multiple lateral transfers.

Designed with advanced fabrics and coatings, the AirPal SPS is easy to wipe clean with standard anti-bacterial cleaners. Under certain conditions, it can even be laundered!

  • Widths 28", 34", 39", 50" x 78" long
  • Compatible with equivalent air supply systems

In addition to high quality, the Airpal SPS offers the lowest price - just what you'd expect from the premium heath care specialists at AirPal!

* Based on acute care application.

AirPal SPS TransferPad