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Cardinal Health™ Tiburon® Surgical Drapes are engineered to pass the industry standard tests that measure fluid penetration to provide AAMI level 4 protection.

They are resistant to abrasion and puncture, yet their flexible, cloth-like properties allow them to drape naturally, following the contours of the patient.

Classified as a Level 4 device under the AAMI guidelines for barrier performance in the critical zone, Tiburon® Surgical Drapes provide the highest level of barrier protection available in a surgical drape.

The next-generation of Tiburon® Surgical Drapes delivers improved drapeability and additional cord management features.

Features and benefits:

  • AAMI Level 4 protection
  • High-performance SMS material that customers know and trust
  • Designed to stay in place throughout the procedure; avoids slippage
  • Softer fabric for enhanced drapeability
  • Velcro® Tabs for cord management on select codes
  • Fabric anesthesia screen on select codes

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  • Non-Infected neuropathic foot ulcers without deeper structures
  • Post-operative care (Charcot reconstructing, delayed primary closure)
  • Charcot Neuroarthropathy
  • Pre-ulcerative conditions
  • Adequate blood supply to heal (Vascular consult recommended)


  • Ulcer has signs of infection
  • Vascular status not adequate for healing
  • Ulcers deeper than they are wide
  • Non-compliance with visits
  • Allergy to casting material
  • Excessive leg or foot swelling and fragile skin
  • Patient’s foot does not fit in boot.
  • Patient’s calf exceeds cast size limit
  • Wounds that probe to tendon, capsule and bone and are abscessed